Our gourmet ground beef is 100% American Kobe, superbly flavored and exceptionally juicy. This scale goes from 0 (no marbling) to 9+ (extraordinary amounts of marbling), the latter one being the highest grade. Prime beef tends to get scooped-up by high-end restaurants, hotels and steakhouses. Snake River Farms has two different “grades” of their American Wagyu beef: Their Black and their Gold Grade. 1 Description 2 Recipe 3 Real Facts 4 References A5 grade beef cooked at a perfect fire's angle, the meat carved into beautiful flower petals, with each bite giving a sense of extra deep deliciousness. None of the articles I found so far looked like a Waygu meat. Wagyu stands for “Japanese cow.” Wagyu beef is based on the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) guidelines. This whole Wagyu beef fillet comes from the black cattle that graze on a rich diet, which is what gives the meat its tenderness and buttery flavour. The Gold Grade Cap of Ri\', \'Agribeef Co.\'], [531268189, \'American Kobe Gold Grade Boneless Prime Rib Roast\', \'http:\/\/www.shareasale.com\/m-pr.cfm?merchantID=51308&userID=66046&productID=531268189&afftrack=\', \'http:\/\/www.snakeriverfarms.com\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/image\/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95\/s\/r\/srf-gold-prime-rib-raw_4.jpg\', \'http:\/\/www.snakeriverfarms.com\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/1\/image\/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95\/s\/r\/srf-gold-prime-rib-raw_4.jpg\', 399.00, 399.00, \'Our Gold Grade Prime Rib is our highest-graded roast and is more marbled, extravagant and delicious than any roast we offer. Authentic Japanese Kobe beef comes from a specific strain of the Wagyu cattle and is raised only in a specific area of Japan. We have now found a way to improve on this near perfect steak. Many people mistake Wagyu for a beef grade, but it is not. There are some grades for WAGYU beef, including the meat of Japanese Black, and A5 is the highest grade given only to the finest beef. It is immediately recognizable by its exceptional marbling. We cut the ribeye steaks right along the bone which means the steaks are going to be about 2.5 inches to 3 inches thick and approximately 2.5 lbs - 3.5 lbs. ifrm.contentWindow : (ifrm.contentDocument.document) ? [CDATA[ W grade just has not marbled up but it is still full of flavor, juicy and tender. frameEl.contentWindow : (frameEl.contentDocument.document) ? Yes, it is. Generally speaking the Tri Tip is a fairly inexpensive cut of meat that comes... Meat Stocking Stuffers for the Paleo and Keto Crowd, Black Friday 2020 Deals Grills and Grilling Accessories, Black Friday Deals 2020 – Meat and Steaks, Black Friday Deals 2020 Cooking Accessories. In the heart of Texas, the Gearhart Ranch and Hi View Ranch produce Wagyu Excelente, one of the finest brands of American Wagyu beef. (Fat might sound unappealing, but it’s what gives beef much of its flavor and juiciness!) They are considered a national treasure there and no longer exported. frameEl.contentDocument.document : frameEl.contentDocument;var bContent = frameNode.document.body.innerHTML; if (bContent.trim().length <= 0) shrsl_loadGallery(shrs_strRNum, shrsl_gallery_str); else shrs_galleryLoaded = true; frameEl.style.border = 'none';}}, 1000); When you look at an American Wagyu steak or roast the first thing you will notice is how much more fat is marbled in the meat than a regular steak and this is where the exceptional flavor and texture come from. “A” of “A5” means the yield grade, while “5” shows the quality grade. Copyright © 2014 WAGYU MASTER Europe GmbH All Rights Reserved. fat marbling; the colour and brightness of the meat; its firmness and texture; and the colour and brightness of the fat. Our Wagyu are imported from Japan and they are all graded by the Japan Meat Grating Association Wagyu beef … The beef grading system developed by the United States Department of Agriculture is a voluntary grading system based on the meat's maturity and level of fat marbling.These two factors are indicators of the beef’s tenderness. Of course an American Wagyu steak won’t be as good as a Japanese Kobe steak but it will get you pretty close for a fraction of the price. First off, let’s clear up a couple things… Getting real Kobe beef from Japan is a very, very difficult task and you will pretty much only find it in some of the top restaurants and it will cost. Below are some of the different cuts offered in the two different categories: // = dArray.length-1)';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+ 'arrowNext.style.display = \'none\';';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+ 'else ';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+ 'arrowNext.style.display = \'\';';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+ 'arrowNext.parentNode.setAttribute(\'onclick\', \'loadProduct(\'+nextNum+\')\');';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+ 'arrowPrev.parentNode.setAttribute(\'onclick\',\'loadProduct(\'+prevNum+\')\');';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+ '}';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+'<'+shrs_empty+'/script>';shrsl_gallery_str = shrsl_gallery_str+'#qViewer { position: relative; padding: 0px; width: 538px; height: 350px; margin-top: 0px; font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; border: 6px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); font-size: 14px; border-top-left-radius: 20px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); } #qViewer #qViewer_leftSide { float: left; border-right-style: solid; 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