ibid Page 25.4.Parthasarthy, Swami(Dr.): Human Values and Management: 20 Key Principles for Modern Management: Ane Books, New Delhi(2006 ) P, Pages 17-51.6. Dr. Albert Schweizer The Bhagavad-Gita has a profound influence on the spirit of mankind by its devotion to God which is manifested by actions. It is particularly absurd because it brings even less comfort than manitvam to the mind which harbours it. It is a companion for life and can take lifetimes to understand. We start any undertaking very bravely; we are lions of resolution at first, but then enthusiasm wanes. When I think of one thing and say another, or when I say one thing and do another, or when I think about one thing and do yet another third thing, all of these constitute a non-alignment of thought, words and deeds on my part. A resentment settles in my mind, which is my asaucam of the mind. Allowed to remain, this resentment can build up to hatred, a painful, disturbing mental state. Such a mind unsplit by internal conflict, undismayed by external adversity, has the best possible preparation for daily life as well as for facing the ethical dilemmas faced by the manager. Dharma, here refers to the way in which aligning one’s decisions to dharma duty) hold together the proper order of things, and this is why Krishna-the sustainer, is the manifestation appearing now to Arjuna.) The Bhagavad Gita (commonly translated by religious scholars to mean “the Song of God’) is a 700-verse text that is unquestionably the best known of all the Hindu scriptures. The Bhagavad Gita was written down at some point between 400 BCE and 200 CE. There is a fourth way of thinking – spontaneous, in which my thoughts without deliberation, conform to the highest universal values. Self-condemnation also is an expression of ahankara ego, as it is antara asaucam, an impurity of the mind, to be cleaned by understanding that there is no ;locus for condemnation other than a particular thought. In gaining any discipline of knowledge, respect for the teacher is an essential element. And it involves a radical re-reading of the Bhagavad Gita. VALUE 11: ANAHANKARA: Absence of Self-egotism: According to Dr.(Swami) Parthasarthy, Anahankara means ‘absence of the sense of ahankara, freedom from an individualized ' I-identification'. “The power of God is with you at all times; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and … He is my security. Now Bhagavad Gita classes for Lucknow Varsity teachers The University had also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ISKCON, said Rai, who will also attend the session with many other teachers. Self-condemnation can be controlled by pratipaksa bhavana, by refusing to condemn myself, while at the same time deliberately thinking non-self-condemnation thought. The whole Gita is a conversation between Arjuna and Lord Krishna on various subjects, clearing all doubts. The LU has decided to start an online Bhagavad Gita … The LU has decided to start an online Bhagavad Gita certificate course for the faculty members from Thursday. VALUE 7: “SAUCAM”: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CLEANLINESS: According to Swami(Dr.) Parthasarthy, Saucam is cleanliness in a two-fold sense: Bahya, outer cleanliness, and antara, inner cleanliness. Vice Chancellor Alok Kumar Rai said: “The Lucknow University with ISKCON Youth Forum is starting an online Bhagavad Gita certificate course for teachers.” The University had also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ISKCON, said Rai, who will also attend the … He will neither be suffering from ego nor be self-condemning, if something goes awry in his managerial functions. Of these, Sravanam is the primary means. Thus Bhagavad Gita’s triguna theory is used by all to serve their own purpose. The Bhagavad Gita is not content with providing a lofty philosophical understanding; it also describes clear-cut techniques for implementing its spiritual precepts for everyday life. Upon analysis it is found that our body-mind package cannot be condemned. ; or for the one who is not adherent to any particular scriptural sanctions, simply the universal set of ethical standards maintained by human free will and shaped by one’s wish to be treated in a certain manner by one’s fellow human beings.Artha(security or means): the goal of acquiring all the things which one thinks will make one secure - money, prioperty,possessions, power, influence, name and fame.Kama(pleasures/desire): the goal of enjoyingthe varieties of pleasures life affords - physical comforts,sensory delights,, mind-pleasing escapes.Moksha(liberation): the goal of discovering freedom from the hands of time- freedom from change, age, death, grief,,loss,escape from a never-ending sense of inadequacy and incompleteness, from all forms of limitations; the desire to be rid of desire itself.Looked at from the standpoint of the four-fold humanaims(purusartha), Self-knowledge atmajnanam or knowledge of truth(tattvajnanam) does not fit into any of the first three categories. Among all the qualities, ahimsa and ksanti constitute the qualities of a saint. lients, vendors,etc. Bhagavad-Gita 2.40. In contrast, if he sincerely imbibes the Arjavam value, he will certainly be a honourable person to be reliable and worthy enough to become a leader of his team, and accepted as a leader in his/her own right. When I see the things as they are; that state of seeing is called indriyarthesu vairgyam.In the management context, a manager with a serene state of mind characterized by total objectivity towards the things of the world, including the objects of the senses, can have the dispassionate view through non-attachment with artha and kama, to steer clear of all the ethical dilemmas faced by him. More often than not, when I want change from others, they will just as strongly want change from me. I am dispassionate. All we see are manifestations of the one. The idea behind Karma yoga is acting without attachment; in other words, to act without being so concerned about the outcome of our actions. My job is to greet all the facts with sameness of mind. 2.2 Define "krpana". It is also referred to as the Gita, for short. The name Bhagavad Gita means “the song of the Lord or the ‘manifested one.’”. In the Management scenario,one may visualise positive benefits accruing from the attitude of 'graceful acceptance of whatever comes fromGod, with no regret, no elation,, no depression on failure, leaves themind clear of reaction, making it more proactive, attentive, and receptive to be taught', makes this golden value worth trying. (The root of the word Dharma, commonly translated as “duty”, derives from the Sanskrit root (dhr) – meaning “what holds things up or sustains. It can be used for the physical body or its vital functions; mind or its ‘ego’ sense can also be called atma. If this unique facility among all creatures given to us is ignored, then we will be living in ignorance. Finally, Arjuna understands, after a philosophical revelation where he is able to apprehend the message that Krishna has been communicating to him through this lengthy dialogue on a battlefield before a cataclysmic war. 2.1 Explain the analogy of the sun's three features. The result of any act of mine occurs both as the product of materials which I have not authored. There are many controversies between the impersonalists and the personalists about the Lord’s appearance as a human being. I do not accept myself as I am. Sravanam also includes the ‘hearing’ that occurs when one, by oneself, studies the written scriptures in order to find out what Vedanta has to say about oneself, about the world and about God.Vedanta unfolds what Lord Krisna calls jneyam which means ‘that –which- is- to- be- known’, that ultimate knowledge which is liberation itself. It is reported to have been translated into 82 languages and it can safely be said that at least 65 or more of these are foreign languages. Parmesvarat anyah mama spranam nasti. Whenever I fail to abide by a general value, some conflict usually registers in my mind. By inculcating the habit of repairing to a quiet place, you are learning to be with yourself, come to terms with yourself. Someone who seeks seclusion out of hatred of people is not expressing these values. The Bhagavad Gita has all the answers to living englightenment. What actually happens is that people are sent to the next stage of reincarnation.“[Krishna speaking] One believes he is the slayer, another believes he is the slain. The Gita gives the art of life management. Vice Chancellor Alok Kumar Rai said: “The Lucknow University with ISKCON Youth Forum is starting an … We ( usually) try to escape because we are not satisfied with ourselves. Such values enhance the quality of life , whatever one’s activities may be. Selfhood is nothing but an illusion. When I understand the things as they are, I will be neither proud nor will I will be self-condemning. The energy of the ‘heroic beginner’ dwindles when the total effort required becomes clear. The only edge human beings have over other life creatures is the ability of awareness to choose consciousness over ignorance. Aadhyatmika duhkha (internal pain) comprises the aches and pains and troubles of my individualized person, while adhibhautika dukha (external pain) is made up of the problems of the world around me, and adhidavika duhkha is the painful result of an event over which there is no control whatsoever, like a tidal wave or an erupting volcano.Therefore, we should bear in mind the nature of life, which is uncertain, painful and swiftly moving towards old age and death. The name Bhagavad Gita means “the song of the Lord or the ‘manifested one.’” It is composed as a poem, and it contains many key topics related to the Indian intellectual and spiritual tradition. Bhagavad-Gita has a profound influence on the spirit of mankind by its devotion to God which is manifested by actions. From Sruti (scriptures) I know that Atma illuminates the mind But Atma is satcit-ananda: boundless, timeless, full of awareness, form-free, action-free; neither karta(doer) nor bhukta(enjoyer).Thus, Atma cannot be blamed, and, no condemnation of Self is required. I appreciate the person”. Similarly, I am also both appealing and non-appealing. Rishi Aurobindo. Like a saint, such a manger sadhak clearly sees the facts for what they are and can make and act upon a fact-based judgment free from subjective interpretation or need. A possessory attitude with factual perspective promotes dispassion and objectivity. But one the other extreme, courting the company of people all the time, trying to escape from oneself, is not any more desirable than the fear of people.So, an attitude that is desired is not hatred of people but a simple love of quietude. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. So, the value called Adhyatmajnana nityatvam (stability in spirituality or knowledge of Self) is a value of constancy in the study of the scriptures relating to the spirituality.To gain knowledge of Self, the study of Vedanta sastra (scripture) involves three things: hearing (sravanam), reflection (manana), and contemplation (nididhyasanam). Withdrawing from society is always a deliberate act. Ksanti (accommodation) is a beautiful and saintly quality. Bhagavad Gita is the first and the best ever self-help book on life. “However men try to reach me, I return their love with my love; whatever path they may travel, it leads to me in the… Vyadhi means disease; dukha means pain. What meaning Vedanta gives to this statement? A clean, quiet, alert mind is comfortable with itself and ready to learn, to be taught. He is always around me ; He is in me. This is, in a way, a criticism of some world-views, such as asceticism, which claim that leaving everything behind is inaction. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita advocates practicing samatva (equanimity) that relates not only to human form but all lower forms of life. Then, I am objective about them. Such a mind unsplit by internal conflict, undismayed by external adversity, has the best possible preparation for daily life as well as for facing the ethical dilemmas faced by the manager. Sama means ‘equal’, Cittavath means ‘state of mind’. To be free to respond to a person I must be free of mechanical reactions and choose the actions deliberately. Accept results as they come, factually. Pride and ego, when examined (thus analytically) become so silly that humility really cannot be considered a virtue. Suppose, someone may do an improper action which insults or injures me. The Bhagavad Gita (/ ˌ b ʌ ɡ ə v ə d ˈ ɡ iː t ɑː,-t ə /; Sanskrit: भगवद् गीता, IAST: bhagavad-gītā /b ɦ ɐɡɐʋɐd ɡiːtäː/, lit. From them, all the people in the world have descended. There is a part in the middle of this long text, consisting of 18 brief chapters and about 700 verses; this is the section known as the Bhagavad Gita. Total nasa or destruction of ahankara means Self-knowledge, which can not be intended by Lord Krisna because Anahankara has been included here as one of the values which prepares the mind for gaining knowledge , and has a relative meaning as a means preparatory for knowledge.Ahankara is ego. Thus, the purpose of Self-knowledge is not to serve scriptual or commonsense ethics. Basically, a human being seems to find himself to be a wanting person, with all compelling desires turn upon this human sense of want. Avoidance of this gap, this division between word and action, word and thought, and action and thought, is arjavam .Arjavam can be considered to be extension of satya vacanam, truthful speech. It is my means of shedding ignorance. The doctrine of Bhagavad Gita was given to mankind by Lord Krishna in the battle of Mahabharata between Pandava and Kaurava Kings. The third reason Krishna gives is that inaction is impossible. It has been suggested that the Bhagavad Gita was originally an independent text except for the first chapter; the Bhagavad Gita does not develop the action of the Mahabharata. Those who are (19). The Gita is … It is a mind ready for any study or pursuit. It is hoped that these values, if sincerely put into practice, will manifest attitudinal change in the mind of the modern day managers. Swami (Dr.) Parthasarthy has candidly pointed out that" When it comes to applying effort towards a goal, most of us find ourselves to be arathbhasurah i.e., ‘heroes at the beginning’. Another reason why Arjuna should fight is because of honor and duty. It is a mind ready for any study or pursuit. Daily life gains efficiency and cheerfulness-even radiance- when these values are personally assimilated norms. This is a beautiful attitude which is not found very often in our society. The LU has decided to start an online Bhagavad Gita certificate course for the faculty members from Thursday. It is easy to see the benefit that comes to me and to others from external cleanliness. A mind which that appreciates quiet and solitude is a mind that has a love for being with itself. And my attitude should be that I am prepared to accommodate all surprises! "Humanity needs to weep, and this is the time to weep" “No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come” – Bhagavad Gita. I will never be jealous of all the aspects of another person – nor will anyone jealous of me ever find me totally superior.. Spread in 18 chapters and 700 slokams and situated in Bhishma-Parvam of Mahabhagavatham, chapters 25 to 42. The value thing is the kind of mind which is happy with such a place. 1.11 List the six aggressors one can kill without sinful reaction. There is no missionary zeal behind the publication of the Bhagavad Gita. -Mahatma Gandhiji "The Bhagavad-Gita is the most systematic statement of spiritual evolution of endowing value to mankind. The Bhagavad Gita insists that the spiritual exists both within organisms and without. It explains the basic concepts of religion as such, which are neither ancient nor modern but eternal, which belong to the humanity, past, pre… I shall now reveal unto you fully this knowledge and wisdom, knowing which nothing else remains to be known in this world. Kama indicates not just eating, but gourmet eating; not just drinking, but drinking as a compelling pleasure. Thus, it is a steadiness that neither yields to laziness nor is disturbed by distraction.In the management context , Sthairyath highlighted is nistha or firmness not only in seeking the total content of all knowledge, in which all other goals resolve, but also total commitment and steadfastness in one’s duty through appropriate and timely action, in which Sthairyath; steadiness is a prerequisite. Swami Tattwamayananda’s class on Srimad Bhagavad Gita is held at the Vedanta Society of Northern California, San Francisco (founded by Swami Vivekananda in 1900) on Friday evenings in the First Universal Hindu Temple in the West (founded by Swami Trigunatitananda in 1905). We … It is not that a quiet place in itself is intrinsically something good, or that the presence of company is something bad. When I avoid reactions, I am free to choose my actions and attitudes - I can choose to be accommodative in my thoughts, words and deeds. One becomes a cheerful person, both saintly and effective. Presence of ego is the sheer result of ignorance.' It is alive with knowledge and devotion; thus it has the power to change your life for the better. This is a major battle and it takes place in Kurukshetra, “the field of the Kurus,” in the modern state of Haryana in India. Therefore, until my ethical values become thoroughly assimilated and comprise a ground out of which right attitudes and actions spontaneously arise, I must, through alertness, avoid reactions and, instead, deliberately, reflectively choose my attitudes and actions. What makes the mind asaucam or unclean? This supposed superiority, when examined , will always be found as partial and incomplete. Sthairyath is nistha, ‘firmness’ or ‘steadiness’. The Bhagavad-Gita is the Light of Life, lit by God at the altar of man, to save humanity from the darkness of ignorance and suffering… [It] is the Scripture of Yoga, the Scripture of Divine Union. That is, because I love to be with myself I do not court company. Service to the teacher (acaryopasanam) is a beautiful value as it inculcates a spirit of gratitude towards the teacher /person from whom the particular knowledge or skill has been acquired. The event, planned to be held from 7 pm to… Bhagavad Gita is the first and the best ever self-help book on life. He is the one who has endless capacity to be accommodative, forgiving, merciful, which are included in the quality (or value) called ksanti, which attitude expands one’s heart. Ignorance can give temporary happiness or ‘high’, but surely permanent suffering. Once the Gita is over, the narration of the Mahabharata resumes. As I reduce situations to facts without projection of my emotional reactions upon them, my mind assumes a poise that makes it easier to appreciate the vision of Vedanta., which teaching distinguishes the apparently real and unfolds the nature of Reality itself. Languages . In between are other dosas viz. Unborn, eternal, immutable, immemorial, you do not die when the body dies.” (Bhagavad Gita 2:19-20). Daily life gains efficiency and cheerfulness-even radiance- when these values become personally assimilated norms. Seton Hall University will co-host the International Gita Symposium 2020, "The Bhagavad Gita and Humanity Today," online on August 14, 2020. Listen to Bhagavad Gita | The Essence of Vedanta on Spotify. Adhyatma means ‘centred on atma’ or spiritual, Jnana is ‘knowledge’. I will never find in one person all qualities which I like, or all qualities which I dislike, having a mixture of things which I find appealing and others which I find non-appealing. The third way is Karma yoga (“the way of action” or “the way of works”). They are opposite sides of the same coin. Please help us understand the import of this analogy. Its purpose is to direct your attention to the need to see life objectively just as it is, so that you will be able to make (the best) use of the precious time available in your hands right now. However, the credit for this text is traditionally given to a man named Vyasa, who is more of a legend than an actual historical figure; because of this, Vyasa has been compared to Homer, the great figure of ancient Greek epic poetry. It is only knowledge of Self that can completely destroy the hold of the likes and dislikes that compel and condition the way of thinking. Things do not catch and hold me. For some the avenue for escape may be wanderlust, while for others drugs, gambling or drinking.. The art of Samadhana. Click Here for Your Bhagavad Gita Starter Kit! Possibly humanity’s most important document, the Bhagavad Gita is a scripture on dharma, how to live in harmony with one’s inner most nature and the universal values operating in the world, a dharma field. While ownership is notional, possession is factual. Nityatvath is ‘constancy in spirituality or knowledge centered on Self . Swami (Dr.) Parthasarthy has beautifully stated that "I do not ask the sun to quit shining and appreciate the mixed blessing of hot shining sun, nor do I hate honey bees for the fear of receiving a sting and appreciate the place of honey bee and enjoy honey." The former is a well-understood universal value. Any dambhitvam is commitment to falsehood. Thus, the attitudes and ways of thinking called jnanam values as specified have relevance for ever one., including the present day Manager. Conflict becomes guilt and guilt turns into an underground chorus of self-condemnation, which becomes a subtle asaucam pervading my mind. 'So, I learn to be with myself by willingly taking myself to a quiet place where take stock of myself and learn to love and accept myself. What is the connection between them? ' So, this value means a lack of craving for company, not reveling in company, not courting company. For arjavam, my actions must be true to my words and my words true to my thoughts. This attitude establishes the right frame for a contemplative mind- for a mind given to vicara, inquiry into the basic profound questions about myself. Self-glorification is a big problem for the mind. Service to the teacher implies a whole frame of mind, characterized by surrender of personal ego, subordination of personal likes and dislikes, a willingness to give without demanding any return, and a general attitude of respect and devotion, towards the teacher. Similarly, even for my own body, to which my mother, father, society, my wife, son, etc. Variety makes it more interesting. Samadhana.means cittaikagrata, which literally indicates single pointed -ness of the mind. Krishna (/ ˈ k r ɪ ʃ n ə /, Sanskrit pronunciation: [ˈkr̩ʂɳɐ]; Sanskrit: कृष्ण, IAST: Kṛṣṇa) is a major deity in Hinduism.He is worshipped as the eighth avatar of Vishnu and also as the supreme God in his own right. Human and ethical values have been the very foundation of Indian scriptures, including Bhagwad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita (or the Song of God) is a Hindu scripture produced from the colloquy given by Sri Krishna to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra War. Being endowed with spontaneous thinking (where universal values become personal and assimilated values) he/she is shorn of personal likes and dislikes to have a dispassionate view of all the emerging situations and deal with the problems effectively. Dispassion is gained by clearly seeing objects for just what they are: by seeing, without subjective distortion, just how objects relate to me , to my happiness and welfare. In contrast, one with the wavering mind and lacking steadfastness will certainly prove a failure. Here, in the context of Lord Krisna’s instructions to Arjuna, atma simply means the mind of the antahkarna. For the one who wants Self-knowledge, it is very important to have a value for being with oneself, for quietude. Bhagavad Gita ~ Carbondale 2018 ~ Video. Inspirational Quotes from the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Scripture) There are two ways of passing from this world – one in light and one in darkness. Established in meditation, they are truly wise. In the case of Selfishness, the pratipaksa bhavana thoughts can often be reinforced by action as well. It also means having an overwhelming value for that goal so that it does not become eclipsed by other goals. VALUE 4: KSANTI: Attitude of Accommodation: According to Swami(Dr.) Parthasarthy, Ksanti is a positive attitude (and not painful resignation) signifying ‘accommodation.’ The attitude of ksanti means that I cheerfully, calmly accept the extraction or demand that another person(or situation) should make, in order to conform to what I think would be pleasing to me. "Just as a mumuksu aspires for the knowledg eof of truth for his liberation(achievement of final goal), similarly the Manager should keep him/her-self adequately informed about all truths(factual information) impinging upon his/her organisation, so that he is fully armed with pertinent relevant data to assist hem/her in taking correct decision for achievement of the organisational goals. He is never away from me.. Sama, dama, and samadhana are Sanskrit terms often used to indicate different aspects of atmavinigraha. Thus, tattvajnanarthadarsanam is ‘keeping in view the purpose of the knowledge of Truth’. What, if any thing, does it mean to me right at this moment that I am a ‘thou’ which is’ that’? The Bhagavad Gita has great teachings on the concepts of Dharma, Moksha, Jnana, karma and other philosophies. Thus, a possessory attitude, (whether it be towards house, money or one’s own body), rather than an ownership attitude, towards anything is a relief. The first way is Jnana yoga (the way of knowledge). We may conclude this humble attempt with:Vihaya kaman yah sarvan pumams carati nihsprhanirmamo nirahankarah sa santim adhigacchati (BG 2.71)“A person who has given up all desires for sense gratification, who lives free from desires, who has given up all sense of proprietorship and is devoid of false ego – he alone can attain real peace.”, _______________________- ______________________________- ___________________Posted by vedprakash at 10:57 PM No comments: Links to this post Labels: (7-10), Human Values from Bhagwad GitaHuman Values from Bhagwad Gita(4-6(HUMAN VALUS FROM BHAGWAD GITA (4-6) Continued from previous posts.

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